Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Soaping Folks!

SO the cost of just about every item you need to live is increasing. Often times our salary does not! Let's talk about laundry soap!
I just made 6+ months of soap for a family of 9 for about a total cost of 2$. The cost will vary some depending on where you live but not by much.
I got his nifty recipe from . I doubled it and I add a few teaspoons of essential oil. If you are concerned about clothes becoming "grey" a tablespoon of vinegar will take care of that. If you want to make your own vinegar here is a recipe.

What about the dishwasher?

One more item. Soapnuts. These are a natural "fruits" containing the chemical saponis. They are part of the Lychee tree family. My kids lucked upon a tree last Fall and we spent several weeks experimenting with these cool little "soapballs!"

Money saved is money earned. :)

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