Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government function

Government Shut down 2013. Does this have a direct affect on your household? For many the answer is yes. Others may not realize it immediately. Some may never understand that this is massively affecting EVERYONE in the US. The longer it is shut down the harder our economy is hit. This will lead to more falling behind on rent, mortgage, utilities and even being able to afford groceries. Guess what our congressional members do NOT care about. Us. No they care about making their money which is not being impacted by this whatsoever. President Obama is forcing bills through even though the public is not supportive. While I do think every citizen needs health coverage this entire situation has been a debacle that has never considered how it will affect Americans that sit right at or barely above the poverty line. How many more will now be recognized as living in poverty because of forced penalties? How much must the people "feel the pain" as Obama has declared he wants us too? How many more politicians and corporations will grow fat off the sweat of the poor? We need to eradicate the Federal income tax. Have an across the board spending tax. Half going to the state, half going to feds. And only money spent can be taxed. We need to limit Mass Tort. We need state run hospitals supported by that tax and doctored by those willing to donate 4-8 years of service for nominal pay in exchange for  a free education. In other words if they work at a state hospital for 40,000 a year they will be absolved of all federal student loans. Make life affordable. The middle class can only support the rest for a short time. We are reaching critical mass.

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